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Advancing Access To Maintenance For Women In Permanent Life Partnerships

Charlene May and Mandi Mudarikwa unpack the Bwanya Judgement, which points to women in our patriarchal society often lacking the bargaining power in relationships to negotiate a marriage and highlights how we can change that in a court of law.

#PatrickMustFall: Empty Promises – Empty Pots

On Monday 8 August 2022, over 50 working-class women from across the Cape Flats will picket at Constantia Circle, a site of privilege and food security, against the invisible violences of hunger, poverty, unemployment and neglect from government and big business who export and waste tons while our communities go hungry.

Apex court judgment enables opposite-sex life partners to inherit intestate

Through our work as the Women’s Legal Centre, we are all too aware that simply because our constitution requires equality both as a right not to be infringed and a value by which we all strive to live, traditionally most male partners dictate the nature and evolution of a romantic and intimate relationship.

Separate marriage laws marginalise LGBTQIA+ people

Continuing with South Africa’s current separate marriage dispensation reinforces the marginalisation and stigmatisation of LGBTQIA+ persons. Instead, the Women’s Legal Centre and Triangle Project urge government to step up their current efforts to reform marriage and relationship laws by bringing all interpersonal relationships under one legal umbrella that recognises people’s diverse social, religious and cultural

Why customary marriage registration matters for South African womxn

The Women’s Legal Centre strongly believes that if we want womxn in South Africa to enjoy the full benefit of legal protection in their personal relationships, we must make it easier for them to register customary marriages and ensure that existing relationship-related rights are also practically extended to all customary marriages. A low rate of

Beyond the altar: Addressing the legacy of who is deserving of relationship recognition

If the state is committed to reforming South Africa’s family law in a manner that realises rights, it must provide a broader recognition and protection of the diversity of relationships and family structures in South Africa. This must include a recognition of domestic partnerships, religious and customary marriages. In 1996, the census data recorded that

We need feminist places of work: How ILO Convention 190 can help to get us there

This Worker’s Day the Women’s Legal Centre joins womxn around the world in urging their governments to ratify the International Labour Organisation’s Convention 190 to eliminate violence and harassment in the world of work.

Victory for opposite-sex couples in domestic partnerships, but the fight for equality continues

Victory for opposite-sex couples in domestic partnerships, but the fight for equality continues Couples living together, either prior to marriage or instead of marriage, are a common practice in South Africa. In law, this is referred to as a domestic partnership, which is defined as an interpersonal relationship between two people who live together and

Misogynistic Hate Speech Undermines Equality for Womxn

Misogynistic Hate Speech Undermines Equality for Womxn South Africa is a deeply unequal society in many ways and womxn bear the brunt in respect of much of the inequality and discrimination. They often experience intersecting forms of discrimination because of their gender, and so discrimination is compounded because it may intersect with race, sexual orientation,

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