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Victory for women in opposite sex domestic partnerships

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CAPE TOWN: 04 January 2022 Victory for women in opposite sex domestic partnerships as the Constitutional Court recognises their right to inherit testate and claim spousal maintenance On 31 December 2021 the Constitutional Court issued its judgment in the matter of Bwanya vs Master of the High Court Cape Town and Others

Women’s Legal Centre to challenge the Criminal Procedure Act

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CAPE TOWN: 12 December 2021 The Women’s Legal Centre will be appearing in the Khayelitsha Magistrate’s Court on Monday, 13 December 2021, representing a client to oppose an interim protection order in terms of the Protection from Harassment Act and challenge the constitutionality of certain provisions of the law contained in the

Gender equality still lacking in the South African legal field

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A report commissioned by the Western Cape branch of the National Association of Democratic Lawyers (NADEL), in partnership with the Women’s Legal Centre (WLC) and Foundation for Human Rights, reveals an urgent need for gender transformation in South Africa’s legal profession. CAPE TOWN, 07 December 2021: The report confirms consensus by a

Campaigners petition UN to investigate racial and gender discrimination in global COVID-19 vaccine roll-out

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 10 November, 2021 Campaigners petition UN to investigate racial and gender discrimination in global COVID-19 vaccine roll-out US, UK, Germany, Norway, and Switzerland in violation of international human rights law in “prolonging the pandemic” ahead of vital World Trade Organisation meeting GENEVA–An international coalition of human rights law groups, public health experts,

Religious freedom does not mean the right to discriminate

CAPE TOWN: 09 November 2021 The constitutional guarantee of freedom of religion is not a gateway to unfairly discriminate. The Women’s Legal Centre (WLC) has applied to be a friend of the court in the matter of SAHRC and Others vs Beloftebos and Others in order to provide a feminist and gender lens as well

CAPE TOWN: 01 November 2021

SOUTH AFRICA’S CIVIL SOCIETY SHADOW REPORTING 5TH PERIODIC REVIEW ON THE CONVENTION ON ELIMINATION OF ALL FORMS OF DISCRIMINATION AGAINST WOMEN (CEDAW) GENEVA, SWITZERLAND (80TH – 2021) Various shadow reports by South African civil society networks representing more than 200 NGOs, Social Impact Organisations, Community Based Organisations and INGOs have been submitted to the UN’s

WLC to appeal order gagging a womxn from speaking about her rape to anyone

CAPE TOWN:  19 October 2021 The Women’s Legal Centre will be appearing in the Western Cape High Court this week, Friday, 22 October 2021, to appeal an order made by the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court in which a Magistrate ordered a womxn not to talk about her rape to anyone. The past few years have

WLC supports liberalisation of abortion laws in Namibia

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Today we stand in solidarity with our sister organisation in Namibia, the Voices for Choices and Rights Coalition (VCRC), as they seek to uphold womxn’s rights by motivating for the decriminalisation of abortion in Namibia. WINDHOEK, 18 OCTOBER 2021: The Women’s Legal Centre’s (WLC) Namibian-based partner, VCRC, made oral presentations to a

Separate marriage laws marginalise LGBTQIA+ people

Continuing with South Africa’s current separate marriage dispensation reinforces the marginalisation and stigmatisation of LGBTQIA+ persons. Instead, the Women’s Legal Centre and Triangle Project urge government to step up their current efforts to reform marriage and relationship laws by bringing all interpersonal relationships under one legal umbrella that recognises people’s diverse social, religious and cultural

Why customary marriage registration matters for South African womxn

The Women’s Legal Centre strongly believes that if we want womxn in South Africa to enjoy the full benefit of legal protection in their personal relationships, we must make it easier for them to register customary marriages and ensure that existing relationship-related rights are also practically extended to all customary marriages. A low rate of

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