WLC’s objection to the City of Cape Town’s Streets, Public Places and the Prevention of Noise Nuisances By-law

The Women’s Legal Centre (WLC) has objected to the draft amendments of the Streets, Public Places and the Prevention of Noise Nuisances By-Law as proposed by the City of Cape Town. We do so on the basis that the amendments are unconstitutional and irrational and will effectively allow for the unlawful and apartheid style conduct of law enforcement officials and local government.

The City of Cape Town attempted to bring into effect these amendments  during a period where our country and City is in stage 4 of the National Disaster declaration and people who will be severely affected by the amendments are not able to properly consult and apply themselves to these amendments and its effects. 

Our main reasons for objecting to the amendments are:

  • The power the CoCT By-Law intends to give law enforcement officials through this amendment would be excessive and allow for the infringement of Constitutional rights without the necessary oversight;
  • The amendments will allow law enforcement officials to target poor people of colour especially in white affluent areas and discriminate against them using the By-Law as the authority to do so
  • The amendments will further have a negative impact on womxn, LBT homeless womxn and womxn who conduct sex work as these are all particular vulnerable groups of persons who find themselves homeless and living on the street from time to time
  • The City has proposed these amendments during a time where the country is in lockdown and the public and organisations have not had enough time to consult and apply themselves to the effect of the proposed by-law

You may view our full submission here: WLC’s submission on the CoCT Street and Public Places By Law

The Women’s Legal Centre remains open for business, fulfilling their mandate to serve womxn and children, regardless of the circumstances. They can be reached on 079 421 8197 or via email at info@wlce.co.za

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