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Media Statement: Human Rights Day: Looking Back, Moving Forward 21 March 2019

MEDIA STATEMENT: HUMAN RIGHTS DAY: LOOKING BACK, MOVING FORWARD 21 March 2019 Equality is one of the substantive rights enshrined in our Constitution, which is praised for being one of the most progressive constitutions in the world in terms of socio-economic and human rights. It was a struggle for equality which ignited the Sharpeville protests 59

Media Statement: Stop the Silencing of Womxn Victims 18 March 2019

MEDIA STATEMENT: STOP THE SILENCING OF WOMXN VICTIMS 18 March 2019 On 13 March 2019, Gugu Ncube staged a one-womxn protest outside the Union Buildings in Pretoria. Ncube’s placard read: “President Ramaphosa: 1) The police are used to intimidate, threaten and harass me. 2) I was raped, sexually harassed by Shibambu Mhlava at UNISA. 3)